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Curriculum 2019

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Marking and Feedback

Please click here for the Marking and Feedback policy 2018. In addition the attached document provides further information on the marking and feedback of your child's work.

Curriculum 2018/2019

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We have charted typical skills progression in the Foundation subjects to ensure that  every child can access their entitlement to a broad, balanced, and progressive curriculum.  

Art skills progression

Design and Technology progression

Geography skills progression

History skills progression

Curriculum 2017/2018

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Yr 1 & Yr 2 Curriculum

Yr 3 & Yr 4 Curriculum

Yr 5 & Yr 6 Curriculum

Autumn 2017 From page to screen

Spring 2018 Journeys

Summer 2018  Heroes and Villains

Home Learning Expectations 2017/2018

Home Learning at Manor Fields Primary School; March 2018

Home learning can extend skills, reinforce learning and develop independent study skills. To support children’s learning and in response to feedback from families, the following is a suggested list of home learning activities. Home learning is always marked




Robins & Kingfishers

Play-based, games-based home learning is set every Wednesday and we recommend that families regularly engage in:

*Sharing and reading books – please do sign the Reading Record so we can acknowledge your child’s achievements

*Practise phonics, handwriting, key words and playing word games like “I spy…”   in ‘sounds’ book

*Playing board games and number puzzles and singing nursery/counting rhymes.


Kingfishers also complete Maths learning linked to skills taught

Magpies (Home Learning is accompanied by an explanatory letter)



*10 minutes reading and/or sharing a book


*CGP Grammar and Maths: Yr 1: alternate weeks: Yr 2: every week




*Science/project tasks

*Every night or at least three times a week


* Every week: given on Wednesdays, collected on Mondays



*As required



Skylarks & Owls



*15 minutes reading and discussion of text


* CGP: Maths and English




* A selection of optional science/project activities is given at the end of every half term

*Every night or at least three times a week


*Every week: given on Wednesdays, collected on Mondays


* Completion, during the holiday, is optional







*Short termly reading comprehensions


*Individual spelling lists


* CGP: Maths, Science and Spelling Punctuation and Grammar

*1 per short term


*Every week: given on Wednesdays, collected on Mondays



We want to encourage children to develop a love of learning so we run a Home Learning club to support children who may find it easier to complete these activities at school: families are encouraged to attend.

Some children who participate in school-based interventions may have additional home learning opportunities.