Hello Woodpeckers, we hope you are all well. We have attached this week's home learning tasks but please do continue to use the BBC bitesize lessons, in particular for Maths and English this week. 


Home Learning Tasks


08.07.20 This week we would like you to complete the "All about me" activities for your new teacher in September so they can learn all about you. You can scan and email them to us but this may be tricky so aim to bring them along with you in September. 



08.07.20 Attached is a new lesson all about our habitats. There is a powerpoint to watch and some activities linked to this. In addition, there is a game which might be fun to try if you like - if you can't print it out, maybe you could have a go at creating your own. 














Have a look at the powerpoint presentation ,this week we would like you to concentrate on spelling question words.  Complete the wordsearch.

We have also attached some Look, say, cover, write pages for you to practise on- you can print them out but you can make your own on blank paper too. 

In addition, there is a handwriting practice sheet for you to try.




08.07 Question Words and SPaG Terms PowerPoint.pptx

08.07Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check Sheet.pdf

08.07 Word Search.pdf



08.07Local Habitat Activity Sheet Editable.doc

08.07 Map Local Habitat Activity Sheet Editable.doc

08.07 British Habitats Sorting Activity.pdf

Lesson Presentation Local Habitats.ppt

All About Me

08.07 New teacher transition booklet.pdf

08.07 New teacher all about me.pdf


01.07 Maths Challenges.docx









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Mrs M-S and Mrs Fielding(a couple of days ago)

Hi Indie - How are you this week? Sorry we haven't been able to do the Zoom calls again but you can send us a message on here. Hope you are all well.

indie kuberka(less than a month ago)

I hope all are well im well I rely miss you all

Team Manor Fields(less than a month ago)

Three wonderful Woodpeckers will be celebrating birthdays this week. Luna-Mae, Alice and Evelyn will all be turning 7 and we wish each of them the most fabulous, fun-filled day.

Team Manor Fields(less than a month ago)

Two of our wonderful Woodpeckers will be celebrating their birthdays this week........exciting times for Cadence and Hettie! ! Happy 7th birthday to you both and we wish you the happiest of days.

Mrs M-S and Mrs Fielding(about a month ago)

Hi Indie, We miss you too! It was so lovely to actually see you on Wednesday during our Zoom call. We will be arranging another one for next week, so hopefully we can have another catch up then. Have a lovely weekend.

Team Manor Fields(about a month ago)

One rather wonderful Woodpecker will be turning 7 this week; Davis, we will all be wishing you a very happy birthday, full of fun.

Faye Dear(about a month ago)

Hi, I missed your call today so just to let you know, Louisa will be there for the Zoom next Wednesday we’re all set up already x x

Indie(about a month ago)

Im fine how are you all. I rely miss you all.

Viera Belkova(about a month ago)

Incredible, I couldn't believe. When I told her, she was so proud and motivated to go on and on. Getting a certificate means a lot to her.

Viera Belkova(about a month ago)

Thank you ladies. That is the way I was trying to explain. She can believe now I didn't make it up.:))

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