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Hi Herons!

Happy Holidays to you all! We hope that you enjoy some special time with your families over the next two weeks and a new set of Home Learning activities will be published on 22nd April.

I hope that you are all well and enjoying the sunshine! It's been lovely to hear from some of you in the Guestbook and seeing your wonderful pictures on Instagram, please keep them coming! I am missing you lots! Over the last week, while I've not been in school I have been going for a walk around the field every day. I have also been trying to do lots of exercise with online classes and Lily has been keeping me busy with lots of playing, painting and reading!


Take care,

Mrs Harris

Home Learning Tasks


Have a go at completing the following activities over the next week.


Important reminders for the week!


Please read for 20 minutes a day to/with an adult.

Please continue to use the reading question mats.

I have attached a poem called ‘Mummy!’ based on the Egyptians. Please read/listen to the poem and answer the reading comprehension questions. Please choose a level that you are comfortable with. 









Remember to wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.


Keep yourselves healthy and safe, that is the most important thing.





Please follow week 5 spellings on the terms overview.

There is a PowerPoint to work through which will introduce the spellings, the rule and includes a game, along with our usual activity, handwriting and look say write check.

I have also attached the statutory spellings for lower Key Stage 2 for you to practise.


This term we have been learning about measure. I have attached a capacity worksheet to try. Read the scales carefully, identifying what the scale is going up in. You can either answer all of the questions or choose the question level that you feel comfortable with.

I have also attached an ‘Easter code hunter’ challenge and the record sheet. Can you solve all of the problems?

The final activity is to choose items around your house to weigh using the scales. Please use the table provided to record the name of the item, an estimated weight and the real weight.


Please work through the Poetry Powerpoint. There is a Poetry challenge for each day. You will be able to find the poems that you need on Google or on the website.

Please choose the level of question that you feel comfortable with. You may also choose to practise and learn some of the Mummy poem from the reading activity. I would love for you to send me a video clip on the school Instagram of you reciting a verse or two!


Please read through the ‘Types of skeleton’ Science Powerpoint. Then complete the cutting and sticking sorting activity. Please choose the activity level that you feel comfortable with.

 Easter code hunter recording sheets and answers.pdfDownload
 Easter Code Hunter Shape, Time, Money and Measure.pdfDownload
 Find and measure at home!.docDownload
 measure-capacity activity sheets.pdfDownload
 Mummy Poem Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity.pdfDownload
 Mummy Poem.pdfDownload
 Poetry English activities.pptDownload
 Science Sorting Skeletons Types Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Science Types of Skeletons.pptxDownload
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Week 1 Home Learning

 Food Packet Nutrients Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 Home learning Information Week 1.docxDownload
 Look Say Cover Write and Check Activity.pdfDownload
 Non-chronological report checklist.docxDownload
 Non-chronological report research template.docxDownload
 non-chronological report template.pdfDownload
 Nutrition Diary Task.pdfDownload
 Science Types of Nutrition PowerPoint.pptxDownload
 Spelling Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
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Herons Challenge!

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Mrs Harris(a couple of days ago)

Good morning Myron. Thank you for your lovely message! I'm so glad that you enjoyed the story. It's funny isn't it? It's lovely to hear that you are enjoying your learning and well done for practising your spellings. I miss everyone too, hopefully we'll all be reunited soon. I definitely miss your singing in assembly! Hope you have a wonderful week, Mrs Harris

Mrs Harris(a couple of days ago)

Morning Edward, Hope you have had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sunshine! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. I will try to post another one soon. It's great to hear that you've enjoyed the poetry, it is always one of my favourites too! Well done for keeping up with Joe Wicks! How wonderful that you've been playing football and badminton in the sun! I love badminton! We'll have to have a game when we are all back in school. I also look forward to hearing the Spanish that you have learnt. Take care, Mrs Harris

Edward Russell(less than a week ago)

Hi Mrs Harris I loved the story, it was good to hear your voice again. I've been doing my learning (I'm really loving the poetry in particular). I've been doing PE with Joe every morning and have been playing football and badminton in my garden and enjoying the sunshine. I'm also doing a Spanish course online through Rosetta Stone. I'm hoping to get out on my bike this weekend. Take care and hope to see you soon.

Myron Tetteh(less than a week ago)

Dear Mrs Harris, thank for the story. I really liked it and it was really funny. My favourite part was when the elephant could not fit on the bus. Today I did my spellings and it was really fun. I found that all the words had the 'ch' sound. I also used the Look, Say, Cover, Write method for my spellings and it made it easier. I miss all my friends and singing in assembly but I am having fun at home with my baby sister Esther-May. Thank you Mrs Harris. Love Myron T.

Mrs Harris(less than a week ago)

Good morning Alfie! Thank you for writing to me! It's so nice to hear from you. I have been trying to keep up with my 2 year old daughter Lily! (I think I'm going to need to come back to Herons for a rest!). We've been doing lots of dancing and playing in the garden and we try and go for a little walk every day around the field. Today we are going to bake a cake! Well done for doing Joe Wickes! You are going to be so fit! Well, Clive is very lucky that you've made him a home. Not all caterpillars get such a treat. I'd love to see it if you could send me a photo. It's so lovely to hear that you and your family are practising the play. It must be tricky with all of those roles, well done you! How wonderful to hear that you have been doing science too! What happened when you put the rusty coin in the coke? Have a wonderful Thursday! Speak to you soon, Mrs Harris

Mrs Harris(about a week ago)

Thank you Hannah and Luca! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. I will post another one soon. Hope you are both well.

Hannah(about a week ago)

Thank you for the story Mrs Harris, it was lovely.

Luca Romano(about a week ago)

Mrs Harris you did a good job I loved the story From Luca

Alfie Townsend(about a week ago)

Dear Miss Harris, my turn today to message you. What have you been doing? I have been doing Joe Wickes and making a caterpillar home in the garden and his name is Clive the caterpillar. I have been having so much fun with learning. I am daydreaming and forgetting all the answers but I have been working really hard. Me and my family are doing the play - Alice in Wonderland. I am now the Mad Hatter, Caterpillar and the Lory. I could have been the Narrator but I changed my mind. I did two science experiments and they were putting a rusty coin in coke and making a sand city with a sandstorm. Speak to you soon Alfie.

Mrs Harris(about a week ago)

Hi Fin! How lovely to hear from you! Wow! It sounds like you have been so busy! I'm glad to hear you've been doing some learning and Daddy is very lucky to have such a super helper! It's lovely to hear that you have been practising the play. Have you been taking on some new roles? I've been busy at home with Lily. We have been trying to do lots of exercise, as well as painting, cooking and playing! I am in school today. It is very quiet without you all here! I can't wait for when you can all return. I am so glad that you are enjoying home schooling. Do you remember what I tell you about getting the answers wrong? It is ok to make mistakes. It is all part of learning and it will help you to become a better learner. Nothing bad will happen, just correct it and move on. Everyone makes mistakes with learning sometimes, even grown ups! Wow! I'm so impressed that you are starting your day with the Joe Wickes workout! You must be fitter than me because I find it exhausting! Say hello to Alfie and Lottie! Take care and stay safe, Mrs Harris

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