This week we wish Charlie a very Happy Birthday!


 Skylark facts, song, habitat, food, nesting - Game and Wildlife ...

This week, we say well done and congratulations to...




Theo and Paulina


Thomas, Theo, Jack C, Layla, Paulina, Lauren and Max


 Hello again Super Skylarks!

I hope you are all well. I have enjoyed catching up with many of you over the phone and I am so glad to hear that you all main resilient and positive.

It is that time of year where typically you would get to experience 'Shuffle Up Day' and meet your new teacher. As this is unable to happen this year, I have attached 'All About Me' activities for you to complete that can be shared with your new teacher. Choose one of the templates and fill in the information. Think about the things you are looking forward to in September and maybe highlight any worries you may have. Template 1 Template 2

For home learning, please carry on with BBC Bitesize. The spellings have been attached below. Don't forget to read as often as possible.

If you have joined the Toucans with the rainforest learning you might like to have a go at some of the following activities from this week:

  • Research a rainforest animal and create a fact file
  • Compare the Amazon rainforest with a forest in England (we looked at Sherwood Forest)
  • Research deforestation and the impact it is having on the tribes people and animals of the Amazon rainforest

Have a lovely week.

Miss Trevis :)


PowerPoint, Handwriting, Spelling game, L,S,C,W,Ch, Wordsearch.


Hi Skylarks!

Wow, July is here already. How quickly time is passing! I hope you are all doing well and still managing to keep busy. It is wonderful that we have regained a bit more freedom and flexibility over the things we are allowed to do. 

Please refer to the BBC Bitesize website for your learning. We (Toucans) continue to use this in school. I have attached your spelling activities for the week below. 

Toucans have started a new topic - Rainforests. Feel free to join us on our learning journey from home by choosing from the following activities:

  • Research where rainforests are found around the world and locate these places using a map or atlas
  • Research the climate and weather of a rainforest and come up with a weather forecast that you could present to a member of your family
  • Research the levels of the rainforest and complete a labelled diagram
  • Look at the art work of Henri Rousseau and create a painting inspired by his pieces
  • Click here for a reading comprehension - Rainforest Calling

Have a great week!

Miss Trevis :)


PowerPoint, Handwriting, L,S,C,W,Ch, Code breaker, Wordsearch.



Hello Super Skylarks,

I hope you are all well and have had a lovely week. What wonderful weather we are having! I hope you are all able to make the most of the sunshine but of course remember to stay safe in the sun. Recently, I have been enjoying lovely BBQs and sunny walks. 

Please continue to use BBC Bitesize for your learning, choosing a level of challenge appropriate to you. The spellings have been attached below. 

Don't forget to use Mathletics and the PiXL app. I would also love to see any entries you have completed, or complete, from the Wiltshire Sports website.

In school, Toucans continue to learn about the Victorians. You might like to try these activities:

  • Research Victorian holidays and write a postcard about a holiday you have been on
  • Research workhouses, and the jobs Victorian children and adults had to do, to enable you to write a newspaper article about the conditions of the workhouses
  • Research Victorian inventors and inventions

Have a lovely week!

Miss Trevis :)


PowerPoint, Handwriting, L,S,C,W,Ch, Wordsearch, Which Word Where.

Term 6 - Week 3 -17.06.20

BBC Bitesize 

Mathletics and the PiXL times table app. 

In school, we have moved on to learning about the Victorians. If you want to join us with this learning, please feel free to try the following activities:

  • Research and create a fact file on Queen Victoria
  • Compare the lives of children from rich and poor families
  • Research Victorian schools and write a letter to a Victorian child describing the differences
  • Design and create a Victorian game



PowerPoint, Handwriting, L, S, C, W, Ch, Crossword, Wordsearch

     Learning of the week    



Thomas and Dylan have both amazed me with their super learning this week. Both of these boys have clearly taken so much care and time over their different pieces and I am delighted to be able to share their learning with you all. Thomas created a brilliant fact file and completed the story opener activity whilst Dylan has been busy learning about sea creatures and produced a marvellous fact file. Dylan also created a superb 'Under the Sea' collage - head over to the Manor Fields Instagram to have a look.


This week, I would like to say a huge well done to Theo for completing a piece of home learning on the Ancient Greeks. It is a super piece and he has collected a lot of information. Click here to see his great Greek learning.


So many of you have been super busy with learning that I have set and some of you have completed the challenge tasks, even creating challenges of your own. This week I would like to say well done to Lauren for a fantastic story that used the opener I put on this page, it iwas wonderful to read! I must say well done to William for creating a lovely PowerPoint about his trip to the Tutankhamun Exhibition, it looks truly fascinating.


I would like to say a huge well done to Jack C and Aleshia for creating super stories using the opener below. They were wonderful to read and really gripped me from the beginning. Jack even took the time to create a wonderful painting to go with his story. Well done to you both!


On Wednesday I set you the extra challenge of researching information about the Ancient Greeks. James has spent time creating a super, informative PowerPoint. Click here to see his wonderful learning.



Term 6 - Week 2 - 10.06.20

BBC Bitesize 

Click here for the guided reading activity pack that we are using in school this week and have a go for yourselves. You might also like to use the 9x table booklet that we have just started. 

Under the Sea activities that you might like to try:

  • Write your diary entry (using conjunctions) imagining that you are Captain James Cook
  • Research plastic pollution and the impact this is having on our oceans and marine life
  • Create a piece of collage art of a sea creature of your choice using different plastics (we used things like plastic bags, yogurt pots, crisp packets, etc)

PE challenges on the Wiltshire Sport website.



PowerPoint, Handwriting, L, S, C, W, Ch, Word Chart activity, Wordsearch.

Term 6 - Week 1 - 03.06.20

BBC Bitesize 

Mathletics and the PiXL app.

Under the Sea related activities:

  • Create an under the sea scene with paints or colouring pencils
  • Research the different layers of the ocean and draw a labelled diagram to show this
  • Research Captain Cook and what life was like on his ship
  • Research a sea creature of your choice and create a fact file about it

Click here for a link to a range of sports challenges. 

If you would like to complete a 'Time Capsule' click here to download your copy.


PowerPoint, Handwriting, Wordsearch, Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check, Which Word Where activity.


Term 5 - Week 5 - 20.05.20

BBC Bitesize ,PiXL and Mathletics


 PowerPoint, Wordsearch, Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check, Handwriting and Definition game.

Term 5 - Week 4 - 13.05.20

'Each time someone stops to tell a story and children listen, a school has been established.'

BBC Bitesize ,Mathletics and the PiXL times table app

Science experiment 

Draw your own bird following these simple instructions

'William Lamb Athletics Challenge'


PowerPoint, Wordsearch, Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check, Handwriting, Code breaker activity.


Miss Cooper has this special message for you wonderful Skylarks. Celebrating VE Day in the sunshine, in her garden. The song is a special one because of what it represented during wartime and now because of what it means for us all to be back together again.


Term 5 - Week 3 - 06.05.20

BBC Bitesize 
 'William Lamb Athletics Challenge there are a range of physical activities for you to have a go at and there is a sheet for you to complete, if you would like, which enables you to record your scores and times. Of course you could send me photos, or send them to the Instagram, of you completing the challenge.


 PowerPoint, handwriting, wordsearch, look, say, cover, write, check, prefix slider.

Story challenge...

Have a look at the opener below. Can you challenge yourself to continue the story? What might happen? Who is involved? The decisions are all yours. You could then share yours with me over on Instagram or via email, I would love to hear your stories.

The attic was cold and the thick cobwebs that surrounded the dusty boxes were like grey clouds. George peered between the boxes hoping to find his old collection of toys. It was not a toy that caught his attention though but an old, worn suitcase. Curiosity got the better of him and George slowly opened the lid of the suitcase. Inside there was a mirror, a compass, a map and a note. George read the note, "Please come and save us before it's too late..."

Good luck!


Term 5 - Week 2 - 29.04.20

BBC Bitesize 

Reading as often as possible and practice times tables.

Extra challenge - to research the Ancient Greeks as we would be learning about them now. You could create a fact file, a PowerPoint, a Scratch project or come up with a great idea of your own. I would love to see some of your findings and ideas.

PE related activities on the WASP website with daily challenges.


 PowerPoint, Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check, Bingo game and calling cards, Handwriting and Word search.


Term 5 - Week 1 - 22.04.20

BBC Bitesize 

Spelling overview 

PowerPoint, Word search, Handwriting and Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check.

Spanish activities you can find here. Enjoy!


Term 4 - Week 5 - 25.3.20


BBC Bitesize 

Fanboys and Subordinating conjunctions.
Fiction description writing word mat.

Follow the PowerPoint and complete the following activities: Wordsearch, Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check, Handwriting1, Handwriting2.
Statutory Spellings and High Frequency Words.

Spring Maths Booklet
Times Table activities

Habitat fact file template


January 2020

Skylarks have been learning about strong structures and focusing on bridges in DT. We have tested bridges and created different types of truss. We learnt about arches and suspension bridges. The children then designed a prototype of a bridge based on a success criteria and a brief. They all did a brilliant job and it seems we might have some engineers in the making!


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Team Manor Fields(about a week ago)

It’s going to be a super week for a super Skylark, as he turns 9. We wish you a very happy birthday Charlie and hope that it is filled with fun.

Team Manor Fields(less than a month ago)

It will be an exciting week for one of our super Skylarks because she will be celebrating her 9th birthday! Georgia-we wish you a very happy birthday, full of fun and cake.

Team Manor Fields(about a month ago)

One very special Skylark will be celebrating her 9th birthday this week; Paulina, happy birthday! We will all be thinking of you and sending birthday wishes.

Miss Trevis(about a month ago)

Hi Isabella. That’s wonderful to hear that music is helping you to focus and imagine when story writing. I also find music helpful and relaxing in many situations. Good luck with the story writing, I’d love to hear it once it’s finished. Have a lovely weekend. See you Monday.

isabella ritchie(about a month ago)

hi Miss Trevis I figured out that when I listen to music it helps me think better and gives me ideas like if I write a story I can think better but sometimes I might need help. right now i'm listening to music and thinking what to wright and this is the quickest I've ever thought it's amazing. see you next Monday bye(reply back please)

Team Manor Fields(about a month ago)

One super Skylark will be celebrating this week because it’s his birthday! Happy 9th birthday Sidney! We will all be thinking of you and wishing you a wonderful day.

Miss Trevis(about a month ago)

Thank you for your comment, Mrs Parry. It was so lovely to see so many of the children and catch up with them. I will definitely be hosting another meeting. Have a lovely half term. Take care and stay safe.

Suzi Parry(about a month ago)

Thank you for the Zoom meeting Miss Trevis. Dylan loved seeing everyone again. Maybe it could become a regular thing?

Miss Trevis(about a month ago)

Hello Lauren. I am also hoping the same and wishing that we’ll all be back together again soon.

Miss Trevis(about a month ago)

Hello Faith. That sounds very exciting and imaginative. How cool that you’re writing your own songs too.

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