Everybody Worries - This is a wonderful book that explains worries to children especially surrounding Coronavirus. Click here to read this great book.



Mrs Hardingham has listed in the documents below some books that you might find useful to help your children deal with some of the feelings they may be experiencing during this time. Click on the link to see the name and an image of the book.

Coming  Back to School - 17.05.2020

Please click here to see the letter from Mrs Hardingham on support that may be needed for their transition back to school .

Mental Health Week 18.05.2020

To support with Mental Health week, Mrs Hardingham has attached lots of wonderful resources that can be used at home.

ELSA resources



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Mrs Hardingham(less than a month ago)

Oh my goodness Elisa......I do miss seeing you too! It seems like a very long time since we’ve all been together, but every day that goes by means we are all a day closer to being back together. I love seeing the photos of what you’ve been up to on Instagram......keep them coming. Don’t forget that there are lots of activities on the ELSA page and I’m adding more all the time. Know that you are safe and that we are all still here and thinking of you.

Elisa Rogers(less than a month ago)

Hi Mrs Hardingham hope you are safe and well I am missing you dearly.I am looking forward to seeing you

Mrs Hardingham(less than a month ago)

Have you lovely people been enjoying Story Time? (click the ‘Our Learning’ tab) There are so many lovely stories to listen to there, all read by adults from Manor Fields. If you’re currently feeling a bit worried about things, why not listen to ‘The Huge Bag of Worries’....it might just help!

Mrs Hardingham(about a month ago)

Hello all! I really hope that this finds you well, safe and happy. I’m pretty sure that some of you will already be starting to think about ‘moving on’ to your new year group or new school, even though that’s still a long way off.This can be such an exciting time but also a bit nerve wracking; both feelings are absolutely normal and fine. Well, the good news is that we are also thinking about it and have set up a new page - Transition Information (click on the Parents and Carers tab)- where we will add lots of useful links. There is a brilliant link to BBC Bitesize both there and on this page which you might like to look at, especially if you are a Kestrel. Please know that I am always here to help in any way that I can so if you have any questions get in touch and I’ll do my best to find the answers!

Mrs Hardingham(about a month ago)

Oh Harrison, I think we’re ALL a bit sad. All of our usual routines and activities have changed so suddenly and we’re missing our friends.It’s ok to feel a bit sad and even a bit angry but don’t hang onto those feelings-talk them through- and make space for happiness and fun too! I’m so pleased that you’re trying some of the ELSA activities- they do help! It’s so lovely to hear from you and I hope you’ll keep in touch.

Harrison Brown(about a month ago)

Hi Thank you for the Elsa work, I’ve been feeling a bit sad not being at school

Mrs Hardingham(about a month ago)

Hello Elisa. That sounds wonderful! Who came up with the idea of making a horse arena? Was it you, by any chance? Perhaps you can get Mum or Dad to add a photo to Instagram when it’s completed. Lovely to hear that Charlie is busy too. Keep in touch as it is just fantastic to hear all the exciting things that you are getting up to. Bye for now.

Elisa(about a month ago)

On the 31st March me and my dad started making a horse arena out of wood and dad and Charlie made a wooden Pokemon

Mrs Hardingham(about a month ago)

Good morning to you all. I hope that you’re all well and managing to find lots of special moments to enjoy and be grateful for. I’m missing you all and am looking forward to a time when we’re all back together but until then, we are so lucky to be able to keep in touch both on here and Instagram, which your parents will be able to share with you. I’ve loved seeing the photos of what you’ve been doing on Instagram and I will be adding more posts too so we’ll all stay connected. Look after one another and make sure that you have some fun today!

Mrs Hardingham(a couple of months ago)

Hello Lexie! It’s fantastic to hear from you. I’m pleased to read that you’re getting out into the fresh air which is definitely MY favourite part of each day. I love that you’re out in the garden and planting too; what are you hoping to grow? Have you heard of green fingers? Well, I do not have them so I look forward to hearing all about it! Like you, I’m missing school already but know that we are all doing the right thing by staying at home so that we can all be back together as quickly as possible. Take care and do keep in touch.

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