Manor Fields Primary School

Welcome to Owls 23/24


Owls – Term 3 2024



We are learning to multiply 3 and 4-digit numbers by 1-digit and 2-digits. At the each week we will use the sessions to improve our reasoning and problem solving skills.

Once confident, we will focus on division for remaining sessions. Each Friday we focus on arithmetic.



We will use Clockwork, by Philip Pullman, as the source for  our writing activities. We will use relative pronouns and relative clause to add information.

The book will give us an opportunity to write about good and evil and consolidate grammatical techniques from last term.

The culmination of the learning theme will be writing our own text in the horror genre.

We will have at least three reading sessions each week; focusing retrieval and inference.

Spelling sessions will follow our SCODE programme, with regular testing to assess progress and attainment.



Forces. This will link perfectly with Clockwork and we will learn about how a ‘winding’ clock works. We will design our own ‘time-pieces’.



We will learn about climate zones and how they are similar and differ. Comparing Arid to Polar; temperate to tundra and Mediterranean to mountainous.



We will have at least two sessions each week. This term we will be playing football – led by our P.E. coach.


We are preparing for our residential visit to Dorset and learning about the area we will be visiting.