Easter Holiday Birthday announcements: Happy Birthday Sophia! Happy Birthday Kaiya! Happy Birthday Isaac!


Happy Holidays to you all. We hope you enjoy some special time with your families over the next two weeks and a new set of Home Learning activities will be published on 22nd April. Take care, stay safe and well.

School Closure Home Learning



FAQS: How much learning should my child complete each week? Printing? Guest book? Easter home learning?

Parents and carers,
This week, I have had a few questions about the amount of learning to be completed each week. I understand, that for many parents and carers, you continue to work from home, and support your child with their learning throughout the day. The learning activities, uploaded each Wednesday, are from the Year 5 curriculum, with many activities covering objectives from the curriculum that have been previously taught. Please do not feel that all activities must be completed; I’d rather each child learnt independently for one hour per day and completed what they can, to the best of their ability, in this time.

Please do not feel that all activities need to be printed in order for the children to be able to complete them. With many of the activities, if technology permits, the children could look at the question on the screen (much like the school interactive whiteboard) and answer in their provided book.

Please continue to use the guestbook to ask any questions about the learning, or to just say hello. Do not worry if your comment does not appear immediately, as if you submit a comment, it will be sent for approval before appearing on the web page. Mostly, I will respond to your comment via the web page, however, it may be that I contact you via email or phone, if the need arises.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Griffiths



I do hope that your first ‘home schooling’ week has been successful. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments on the school web page as well as all of the pictures and videos appearing on the school Instagram page: manor_fields.

On the days that I have not been in school, I have enjoyed spending time with Mr Griffiths and Bruce. I have baked two cakes and spent many hours cleaning and reorganising- you all know I quite enjoy this! Twice a week, we now have a family quiz night with my parents and sisters on FaceTime- I’ve not yet won a round!

This week, my plan is to begin a new book. Do share a short book review in the comments section if you have any superb recommendations.

Below, I have shared a range of activities for you to complete this week. Continue to persevere, and remember, if you feel yourself becoming frustrated, take a short break. Do use the comments section of the web page to share any questions about the learning: I will do my very best to help you.

I read, earlier in the week, that Shakespeare wrote King Lear whilst in quarantine, during the Great Plague, and Isaac Newton began his ground breaking discoveries- you are all capable of wonderful achievements too.

Enjoy your week with your family.

Mrs Griffiths



Enjoy reading a book to yourself or a family member each day.

Remember to practise reading aloud with fluency and expression.

I have also included a reading comprehension activity. I suggest writing your responses in your school closure book.

Reading booklet

Reading answer booklet (questions) and answers: there are two difficulty levels this week: Hot or Spicy














Week 6 (Term 2b)

If possible, I would follow our usual teaching sequence:

Session 1: Read the PowerPoint (introducing this week’s spelling rule) and complete the handwriting activity.

Session 2: Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check. Remember to write a sentence, with each spelling word, afterwards.

Session 3: Letter Tiles. Word Search.

Remember to continue to practise the Year 3 and 4 and Year 5 and 6 statutory spelling lists as well as the spellings listed on the Term 2B spelling overview.


Arithmetic: Test 2

Times Tables: Ultimate Division Challenge

Compare fractions

Ordering fractions

Equivalent fractions

Adding fractions with different denominator

Subtracting fractions with different denominators

Complete as many of the questions as you can. Remember, if you are finding a question too tricky, move on, you can always return to it later.

Answers at the end of each document


First, read the biography about Ernest Shackleton. This is a Year 5 WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like). The text is highlighted and annotated with success criteria. Challenge yourself to use a range of Year 5 success criteria in your own biography.

Learn about the features of a biography before beginning your writing.

Before writing your biography, you must research, research, research! This template may help with your research. The more you know about the individual’s life and achievements, the more detail you will be able to share in your writing.

You can choose the person that you would like to write about, here are some suggestions: Stephen Hawking, Michele Obama, Anne Frank, Neil Armstrong. There are many, many more! Choose an individual that inspires you.

It is important that you continue to use Manor Fields handwriting!

Additional files to help:

TIPTOP paragraphs




Science: Earth and Space- Lesson Two

Planetary Poster- In the correct order from the Sun, create a diagram of the planets. Include one or two facts for each planet.

Planetary Fact Cards

Additional home learning activities

A list of useful links that currently offer free (or nearly free) services to support parents and carers with home schooling- this includes: websites, live lessons, audio books, virtual museums and much, much more!

A free Year 5 home learning resource pack from Classroom Secrets.





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Mrs Griifiths(less than a day ago)

Hello Sophia. That's brilliant, well done. I hope you are well and making the most of being at home.

Sophia Logan(less than a day ago)

On Monday 6th April 2020 I got my silver and bronze certificate on Mathletics

Team Manor Fields(a couple of days ago)

Every week, we’ll be saying a very special ‘hello’ to any of our Owls who have a birthday coming up in the next few days. Happy Birthday Sophia! We wish you a wonderful day. From all of your friends at Manor Fields.

Mrs Griifiths(a couple of days ago)

Hello Daniella. I have also baked many cakes this week. It can be tricky to buy eggs at the moment, so that sounds like a useful cake recipe. Keep up the baking!

Mrs Griifiths(a couple of days ago)

I am pleased to hear that you're trying your best Joel- well done. I'm also pleased to hear that you have enjoyed the sunshine and played football in your garden. Hopefully, it wont be too long and the football will be back on.

Mrs Griifiths(a couple of days ago)

Thank you Sarah (Kaiya's mum). A good spot. Thank you for pointing this out.

Sarah (Kaiya’s mum)(a couple of days ago)

Hi. Hope everyone is well. There seems to be a couple of errors on the ‘Ordering Fractions’ worksheets. Has that been noticed? Thank you

Daniella(less than a week ago)

Hello Mrs Griifiths I hope we can come back to school soon it is not the same here at home me and my brother and my older sister are doing baking every Tuesday last Tuesday we made choclate cake with out using egg

Joel(less than a week ago)

hello Mrs Griifiths I am trying my very best I hope you are having a good time. I've been playing football outside every day

Mrs Griifiths(less than a week ago)

Hello Joel. It's lovely to hear from you. I hope that you're well and enjoying your time at home.

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