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Learning Passports

At Manor Fields, each child knows their ‘next steps’ in English and Maths as they have ‘passports’ that detail the learning objectives they are striving to master. The objectives in the passports reflect the expectations of the National Curriculum and they are selected for every individual according to their current attainment, not their year group. This individualised approach ensures that the targets are achievable, with an appropriate level of challenge, regardless of a child’s age. In Maths, children travel around the continents of the world to reach their  learning ‘destination’ and in English, they  sail across the oceans.

As children achieve their  goals, they are awarded certificates in ‘Good Learning’ assemblies to publicly celebrate their achievements.  

Please do not hesitate to ask if you would like more information about the passports and how they support your child’s progress.

Please click on any of the passports below to see the 'next steps' :

Maths Passports





North America

South America


English Passports



North Atlantic

North Pacific

South Atlantic

South Pacific


For pupils to access the school library please click on the following link http://u009190.microlibrarian.net