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Relationships & Sex Education

From September 2019, we will be implementing the government’s new statutory guidance on Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education. Relationships ~ and Health Education are compulsory for all pupils receiving primary education To embrace the challenges of creating a happy and successful adult life, pupils need knowledge that will enable them to make informed decisions about their wellbeing, health and relationships and to build their self-efficacy. Pupils are encouraged to talk openly and have their questions answered honestly in a way that respects the diversity of cultures and family forms. Lessons are delivered by the child’s teachers, sometimes supplemented with support from the school nurse and other agencies.

Effective teaching in these subjects ensures that core knowledge will be broken down into units of manageable size and communicated clearly to pupils, in a carefully sequenced way, within a planned programme or lessons. Teaching will include sufficient well-chosen opportunities and contexts for pupils to embed new knowledge so that it can be used confidently in real life situations.

The policy for Relationships and Sex Education is reviewed annually by the Governors working in partnership with families and teachers. Parents and carers have the right to request that their child be withdrawn from some or all of sex education delivered as part of statutory RSE. We ensure that families are well-informed as detailed plans about the SRE curriculum are included in, class-specific curriculum letters.

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June 2022 RSE Workshop 

Please find below the resources and Power point for the RSE workshop. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 


Useful websites for children Puberty section (Age 9+) 

BBC Teach –The Big Talk (age 9-12) 

Kids' Health - Menstruation

Male puberty - including wet dreams 

NHS - stages of puberty

Outspoken - RSE worksheets 


Useful websites for parents

Family Lives 



Sex positive families 

Sitting in car YouTube Channel: how to talk comfortably with your kids about sex and consent  

Talking to your child about online sexual harassment- a guide for parents

Other suggested RSE Activities:

Draw around bodies

Draw around bodies and label parts, using correct words (and family names) and their purpose


What's in the bag? Puberty

Put together your own ‘puberty bag’ from household items. Discuss each one and why it’s used, e.g. deodorant, razors, tampons/pads, shower gel, washing powder, tissues, hair gel.


What's in the bag? Growing up

Same as above for contents of handbag; items support discussions about growing up


Anonymous questions box

Have an old shoe box, or similar, where children could post questions that they might not be able to ask you verbally.

Praise and thank them for their questions.  Try to answer them using the webpages above to help provide age-appropriate, fact-based answers. 


Suggested books to support parents/carers in talking with their children about sex and relationships, and related topics

Age 3-7


 Questions Children Ask M Stoppard
 Hair in Funny Places B Cole
 Mummy Laid an Egg B Cole
 Amazing You Dr G Saltz
 Where Willy Went N Allan
 Let’s Talk About Where Babies Come From R H Harris
 What Makes a Baby C Silverberg
 If I had a 100 Mummies V Carter
 King and King Linda de Haan and Stern Nijlan
 Mummy Never Told Me B Cole
 How to be a Friend L Brown and M Brown
 Your Mummy Ate My Football Lynwen Jones
 And Tango Makes Three J Richardson and P Parnell
 The Growing Story R Krauss
 So Much T Cooke
 Where Did That Baby Come From D Gliori
 There is a House Inside my Mummy G Andrae and V Cabban
 Topsy and Tim and the New Baby J and G Adamson
 If Big Can…I Can B Shoshan
 Monkey Puzzle J Donaldson
 The Nanny Goat's Kid J Willis


 Introducing Teddy J Walton
 The Paper Bag Princess R Munsch
 Alien Nation M Donaldson
 Red - A Crayon’s Story M Hall
 Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls W Favilli
 Ada Twist Scientist A Beaty
 Long Live Princess Smartypants B Cole
 Rosie Revere Engineer A Beaty
 Made by Raffi C Pomranz
 The Princess Knight C Funke
 Giraffes Can’t Dance G Andrae
 Odd Dog Out R Biddulph

Getting Help

 Kit Kitten and the Topsy-turvy Feelings J Evans
 Some Secrets Should Never be Kept J Sanders
 A Kiss Like This L Anholt
 How do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? J Yolen
 My body! What I say goes! Jayneen Sanders
 Dr Dog B Cole
 No means no! J Sanders
 For every child UNICEF (the Rights of the Child in words and pictures)
 The huge bag of worries V Ironside

Age 7+


 Let’s Talk About Sex R H Harris
 Living with a willy N Fisher
 The period book K Gravelle
 What’s happening to me? P Mayle
 Girls Only V Parker
 The puberty book W Darvill
 Sex is a funny word C Silverberg
 How your body works Judy Hindley
 A-Z of Growing up, puberty and sex L De Meza
 Sex is a funny word C Silverberg and F Smyth

Useful books for parents

 Questions Children Ask and How to Answer Them Dr M Stoppard
 Speakeasy: Talking with your Children about Growing Up fpa (Family Planning Association)