Manor Fields Primary School

Kingfisher 2


Mrs Fisher and Mrs Hillier are pleased to welcome you to our class learning page.

Please scroll down for a collection of photos which encapsulate the broad curriculum that we share in our classroom.


26th May - What a super day!

How exciting to share a wonderful whole school trip to Paulton's Park at the end of our half term! The Kingfisher children were superb and behaved so well and had so much fun! We packed in a lot of rides and also three playgrounds, the gardens, the birds and of course a picnic lunch. We were grateful for parental support and are proud to be part of a team which includes such wonderful children.

Summer I 2022

The first summer half term came and seemed to rush past us in a flash this year,  with many delightful learning opportunities for the children; it culminated in our wonderful whole school trip - see the happy photos above.

This past term also included the national testing for our year 6 children who made us so proud; we know that all of the children will continue to work hard and develop in our final term of the year, after this celebratory half term holiday.

Kingfisher children love being scientists and we have carried on nurturing the seeds which we planted back in the spring. Our sunflowers are getting taller by the day and we shall continue to update you on their progress. We have created posters to remind ourselves to water them!

We have also rather enjoyed our cooking this last week - making different kinds of bread and then tasting the rewards. Kneading the dough certainly helped our muscles for writing, and tasting the spoils seemed a good payoff!

In maths we have been exploring money and have had a lovely time buying and selling the cuddly toys.

In art we have looked at portraits again a little, whilst finding out about the Queen in her jubilee year. We experimented with photographs and portraits of ourselves and also made a portrait from natural materials.

In history we have been finding out about Alexander Graham Bell and how he developed the telephone as well as how he supported children and adults who were deaf. 


Spring Term News

It has also been delightful to get back to 'Good learning' assemblies recently and we were thrilled to be chosen as the tidiest classroom last week - we have the golden dustpan and brush proudly on show!

Kingfisher 2 class is always busy and I am delighted to share some of our learning from the past few months here on our class page. 

In the shadow of Covid, we have become a tight unit, learning and growing together. while we have not been able to positively integrate with our mainstream peers. However, we look forward to sharing more photos soon as we explore and learn with our other classes, as well as here in Kingfisher 2.

Life is always busy in Kingfishers - we are proud of how Kingfishers embody the spirit of Manor Fields' values.

English - we have been investigating the story of Mr Wolf's pancakes by Jan Fearnley - a super story with a twist in the end! 

Why not see if you can find any other stories with a surprise at the end?

Geography - inspiring a curiosity about the world around us both near and far

Keeping fit and healthy is a top priority and Kingfisher 2 class enjoy a wide range of sports and running activities to help with this.

Why not ask your Kingfisher about our new sports sessions on a Wednesday morning?  (Spring 2022)

In Design and Technology we use our creativity and imagination to design objects which solve real and relevant problems.

Our sliding mechanisms in autumn 2021 helped us to make moving pictures that had a great effect, and we have thoroughly enjoyed testing the various styles of bridge and understanding how to reinforce structures to make them stronger, when finding out about Isambard Kingdom Brunel this spring 2022.

Why not ask your Kingfisher how they made their bridge strong enough to hold lots of bricks? Can you find out about any other structures that Brunel helped to design and build? Perhaps you've been through Box Tunnel or enjoy a trip on the railways?

'Life is science' - we love to investigate and explore and develop our science capital - not only as part of specific science modules as part of the curriculum but also to answer our own curious questions.

What would you like to find out about? Currently in Spring 2022 we are investigating the weather and it's effect on us.

We are working hard on becoming fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics and then applying it to problems in real life.

Why not ask your Kingfisher what they are practising counting at the moment?

Horse-riding - developing our confidence and gross motor skills in the Autumn of 2021

Storm Eunice home learning 18.02.22

Friday 18th February 2022

Hello Kingfisher 2 class! – I hope you are all well, and that the storms and wind don’t cause any problems for you or your family. We have worked really hard all term and you are definitely deserving of a half term rest!

In case you would like to do some learning today before having a break for half term, I attach some video links to find out more about Isambard Kingdom Brunel who we have been learning about.

History and DT -Isambard Kingdom Brunel – finding out about famous Victorians and learning about designing and evaluating the models we make.

Can you watch the video about Isambard Kingdom Brunel again and find out more about his life and work as an engineer?

Or perhaps watch this video which we have not looked at together and see if it has similar information?

Can you build a bridge from materials you have at home? Or a tunnel, or a ship? Perhaps you have a train-set and can build a train track like he did?

Or perhaps you’d like to follow up on our Geography from this term and find out more about one of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom? Perhaps you could cook a dish from one of the countries? Our Welsh sausages will have to wait until after half term now!

Our spellings also have a link to Isambard Kingdom Brunel so perhaps you can also practise the new spelling words?

I hope you have lots of fun over half term and look forward to seeing you all rested and well on 28th February. 


Best wishes from Mrs Fisher, Mrs Hillier and Mrs Farmer