Manor Fields Primary School

Religious Education

Manor Fields Primary School adheres to the Local Authority’s best practice guidelines and uses the enquiry-based ‘Discovery RE™’ scheme throughout the school to promote breadth and balance. ‘Discovery RE™' does not try to persuade but rather informs and develops pupil’s skills so that evaluation can take place. 

‘Discovery RE™ is an enquiry-based scheme of work, starting with a ‘big’ question, covering 6 principal world faiths in a progressive way from reception through to year 6. This approach enables children to make their own choices and decisions concerning religion and belief.

The school does not support selective withdrawal from RE so if you wish to do this, please make an appointment with the head teacher. Children who are withdrawn from Collective Worship or Religious Education as a result of family requests are supervised by a member of staff during this time.

In Key Stage 1 religious education aims to promote the personal development of children through an exploration of the world of religion in terms of its special people, stories, times, places and objects and by visiting places of worship. A key part of personal development is spiritual development. A major contribution to this is gained through helping children to reflect on that which is of worth and value in their lives and the lives of others. Children will also learn to appreciate that spirituality, for most religious people, will spring from their belief in and relationship with God. Learning should help children investigate and reflect on their own thoughts, feelings and experience, as appropriate to their age. At the same time, it should help them to begin to explore religion in its various forms and contexts. These two dimensions – Exploring and responding – are inextricably linked and RE should be a balance of both.

During Key Stage 2 pupils should begin to engage in a more systematic study of religion whilst at the same time reflecting on their own beliefs, values and questions in light of what they are learning. Pupils should study Christianity throughout the four years and also aspects of at least two other principal religions covering Western and Eastern traditions. They should begin to recognise the impact of religion and belief locally, nationally and globally and consider the different forms of religious expression.


Thank you for your support during Inter Faith week. 

Take a look at the religions we celebrated within our school community. 



The week beginning 13th November through to 20th November is Inter Faith week. Inter Faith week offers a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of our faith community and the important contributions made to our wider society.

Inter Faith Week:

  • Highlights the good work done by local faith, and faith-based groups and organisations
  • Draws new people into inter-faith learning and cooperation
  • Enables greater interaction between people of different backgrounds.
  • Helps develop integrated and neighbourly communities
  • Celebrates diversity and commonality
  • Opens possibilities for partnership

As a school, your child/ren will be involved in activities celebrating Inter Faith Week.

Manor Fields is a diverse and welcoming community, which we would like to celebrate. We invite families to take part in Inter Faith Week and help us to raise awareness of the faiths within our community. As a family, if you are part of a faith community, we invite you to write a short description of your faith’s main beliefs and celebrations to support us in making a display to celebrate the many faiths within our school community. These could include images as well as text.

If you are able to support us with this, please bring your contributions into school by Monday 14th November.