Manor Fields Primary School

Kingfisher 1



Welcome to the Kingfisher 1 learning page.


My what a term! It seems to have passed in a blur. All of the children have managed fantastically well with all the learning taking place and have been developing their skills.

They are beginning to become much more confident in what they know and are starting to share ideas and play spaces with more confidence.


Well done all of you.

Storm Eunice home learning 18.02.22

This term we have been learning about the Polar Regions and the animals that live there.

Have a look at the power point below to see if you can name the animals before they become clear.

What can you see? Power point.


Once you have spotted some animals can you draw your own? Can they label or write some sentences based on the animal they have drawn?


We have been focusing on curly caterpillar letters this week, can your children attempt to write some independently?

Curly caterpillar letter sheet


Some of you have been practicing using 'and' to join ideas. Can you write some sentences using and?


In maths we have had a focus on number this week.

Can you show all the different ways to make 5? 10?

Can you share how to count in your 2s?


As a fun experiment for today, can you freeze some animals in water and then try different ways to set them free? We have competed this at school, if you place some objects in a bowl or cup of water, place it in the freezer for a few hours then take it out the objects will be stuck in the ice!


I hope you all manage to stay safe and warm from the storm today.


Have a fantastic half term and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday 28th February.

Mrs Pollard, Mrs Lawton and Mrs Romano