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Home Learning Tasks


Have a go at completing the following activities over the next week.


Important reminders for the week!


  • This week continue to read with your child, when reading ask them a range of questions based on the text. See if they can give you a reason for their answer.

  See the attached document for suggestions.

  • Visit David Walliams website to listen to some of his short stories. He is sharing one each day at 11am

  • Audible are releasing some audio books from free access.









Remember to wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.


Keep yourselves healthy and safe, that is the most important thing.





Steadily work your way through the high frequency words attached. I would suggest learning 6 different ones a week. See how many different ways you can practice them:

Look, cover, write, check – look at the word, cover it over, write it and then check it.

Rainbow writing – write the words as many different times as you can in lots of different colours.

Hide and seek – challenge your child to find a given word that you have hidden around the house.

Cut and stick – write out each word, cut it into separate letters can your child put it back together in the correct order?


Attached are some activity booklets that you could work through with your child.

Please select the appropriate level.

Use the resources given to complete some activities practically, have a focus on multiplication and division.

Complete some practical learning if you are able to e.g. cooking can help with children’s maths, they can help read the scales, work out the cooking time etc.

Measurement learning with a focus on length and height. Can you find long and short things to compare? Can you use correct language to compare and describe a range of objects?


Final week with a focus on the Snail and the whale the story is available on bbc iplayer:

The children can use this as a basis to write their own story. An example of boxing up is attached.


Continue to work your way through the booklets you were given.


There are a range of activity sheets attached below with a variety of focuses that the children can complete.


To link with our learning about The Great Fire of London, especially Samuel Pepys, can the children keep a diary based on their time at home during the holidays?


This could be written, photographs, drawings, other people’s views etc.