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Hello Kingfisher 1, 

 This week can you have a go at making patterns. I have attached a pattern sheet but see if you can see things around you that make patterns. Are there any patterns on the road? On your pets? On the walls? On your bed? How many can you find. Are they the same each time?

Carry on with the reading you have been doing and see how much you can read on your own. 

Can you use these words in a sentence? (One word in each sentence) 

          - bread

          - wonderful

          - sky


I have attached some fun dot -to-dot worksheets. See if you can work out the picture.

Hope you are all still having fun at home and hope to see you all soon. 


Ms Harris.

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Hello there Kingfisher 1. Here is your weekly update with additional learning opportunities for you to have a go at while you are at home. 

It has been lovely to speak to your parents this week and to hear about all the wonderful adventures you have been having. It has been an absolute joy to hear how you are getting on and for me to hear some of your voices. Mrs Hillier, Mrs Lawton and I all love seeing your videos and messages on the Instagram page and via email, it definitely makes us all feel more connected until we are together again. 

This week we are going to look at the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It is a firm favourite with the Kingfishers and if you don't have the book at home you can watch it on Youtube as well as access online copies of it. I wonder how much of it you can remember? 

Grown ups - when reading it to your child leave out the last word or key words and see if your child can fill in the word or have a go at saying it. This helps with memory and promotes good shared attention. 

I have attached a Sorting Activity for you to try. Can you remember what the caterpillar ate on what day? Don't worry if you can't - he ate a lot! This will link to the work we have been doing on the Days of the week and I know some of you had a go at writing the days of the week last week, or ordering the days. Well done!

For a creative task you could have a go at drawing the Caterpillar or a Butterfly. Have a look at some pictures of real caterpillars and butterflies as well as the one in the book. Grown-ups - In class we often draw a simple picture and then encourage the children to copy, this is a good way of demonstrating to our Kingfishers what we want them to do. Always celebrate their efforts no matter how small. It does not have to be a masterpiece or even recognisable, the attempt is often more than enough. It would be lovely to see some of your pictures!

For Maths this week - have a look at Subtraction. I have put on here some work sheets but as this is new to most of our Kingfishers please find something concrete to use to demonstrate. (5 pieces of pasta, or 5 books, 5 bricks, 5 leaves - anything that is practical and movable). Say in, simple terms, a sentence to help with understanding. 'I have 5 leaves! One, two, three, four, five ..... a caterpillar is going to munch one! (Use your hand to pretend its a caterpillar). Munch munch munch'. Then take one away. Ask 'how many are left? Lets count together.. one, two, three, four!!!!'. Then say the sentence '5 leaves take away 1 leaf is 4 leaves'. Have a go at other examples and then see if your child can do their own stories. If you want you can have a go at writing the numbers. Don't forget to show me your pictures if you can. I have put a number line on here for you to look at when you are more confident with the practical subtraction. 


This is a nice game to play if you have access to a device (it works on a mobile as well as a tablet) as I know some of the class love some tech.


I have put on here a recipe we use in class to make playdough. I have also put a 'no-cook' version. All the Kingfishers love playdough and it is so good at helping with strengthening little fingers. It can be used to write in, to print with and to make models with. If you want to make your own it can be used a few times before it dries out and can be such a good activity to get involved with. Encourage not eating it but it won't hurt if some of it gets eaten. It can look tempting. If you want to get adventurous you can experiment with colour, texture and smell - Kingfishers know how much I love making minty playdough! 

Any questions and you should all know how to get hold of me. I will call again on Friday afternoon to see how you are all doing. 

Have fun and stay safe. 

Ms Harris.

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So here we are again Kingfisher 1! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and you could enjoy the VE day celebrations. Its so lovely to have little messages from you on the school Instagram page and through email/phone. I'm so glad you are all keeping busy and enjoying the learning that is set as well as having fun with your families. I think fun is the most important thing to have right now.


This week I thought you might like to try so Yoga at home. You don't need to be an expert to have a go and the videos are good because you can stop and start them if you need to. Here is the link .....  They are also free and are good to keep flexible as well as keeping calm. I enjoyed trying them. 

This week, Singing Hands have signed the story 'I see'. Watch and enjoy, see if you can learn the signs, especially 'I see'. The grown-ups in class often use this sign to show you things that are important. See if you can sign 'I see' and then name things you can see around you. You could have a go at a 

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Hello lovely Kingfisher Crew!                                6/5/2020

It was so wonderful to talk to your parents on Friday last week, it was lovely to hear how you are all getting on and to hear about all the wonderful things you have been doing. 

This week the lovely ladies from Singing Hands have signed another story - its one we all know quite well. Have a look on Youtube for Singing Hands Story, This is the Bear. How many new signs can you learn? Can you remember me reading this one to you in class?

Keep going with your folders. As an extra learning opportunity, find the Days of the Week page and have a go at writing (on a piece of paper) the days of the week. For those of you who can already do this, I would like you to have a go at writing a little diary. For example ; On Monday I helped to bake a cake, On Tuesday I went into the garden to find some bugs. etc. Grown-ups you may need to help with encouraging your child to think through the sentence before they write it. 

I have put a set of adding story worksheets on here for you to have a go at if you can. Ask your grown up to have a go at saying the story to help you. (First there were 2 pigs, then 2 more came along ... now we have 4 pigs), see if you can tell the next story. Have a go at writing the numbers. 

Household task - this week is VE day, can you help with planning a tea party? You could write a list of food and drink you need and help write the shopping list? For some of you, you could tell your grown up what you need and they can write it for you. You could help to make some scones or a cake. 

You could play a game with your grown up - choose 5 items of food or drink, put them on a tray and have a good look at them. Then get your grown up to cover them over with a towel and get them to take one away without you seeing it. Have a look at the tray again - which one is missing?

You could have a go at making and colouring in some bunting to decorate your house with. 


Carry on having fun - every activity is always an opportunity to learn. I will call you all again next Friday (15th).

 grid 1 Sounds write.docxDownload
 grid 2 Sounds write.docxDownload
 grid 3 Sounds write.docxDownload
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Hello to all the wonderful Kingfisher 1 crew. 

This week the weather is a bit different to last week. This will give you lots of opportunities to talk to your grown ups about what is different. Are you warmer or colder? What do you need to wear to go outside? Can you see clouds? What colour is the sky? 

You could see if you can catch some rain? Maybe put a container outside and see how much you can collect? You could measure it with a ruler or a measuring jug. You could use the water to water some indoor plants if you have them. 

Please keep working on the Home learning files, and watching and singing along with the Singing Walrus Youtube videos. I do miss seeing you all dancing to these in class. Please keep reading books with your grown ups. The Wiltshire library service have some online reading books available. You will need a library membership which you can get online now as well to be able to download the story. 


I have added some Sound Search grids for you to play with.(see above) Get your grown up to say the sound (not the letter name but the sound) and you need to find it as quickly as you can. Can you say the sound when you find it?


I have added some worksheets for you to practice your adding. (see below). 


Household task - can you learn how to make your bed? Watch your grown up show you how and have a go at trying it yourself. There is nothing nicer than getting into a freshly made bed so this is a good skill to learn. 


Take care and stay safe. 

Ms Harris



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Hello lovely Kingfisher 1.

I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely sunshine we have. I will be giving you all a call on friday to see how you are all getting on. Mrs Hillier, Mrs Lawton and I have been texting each other lots and we have all agreed the thing we miss most is your smiley faces each morning! It has been wonderful to see the Instagram photos that you have been sending to the school Instagram page - its lovely to see you working in your work folders, cooking with your families and getting out in the garden. 

I hope we will all be back together soon. In the meantime stay safe and well. 



This week could you please find some time to have a look at the Singing Hands video on Youtube and Facebook called '1,2,3 To the Zoo' by Eric Carle. Watch the signed story and have a go at counting the different animals and learning lots of new animal signs. 

Then have a go at counting any animals you have at home or outside. Ask your grown up to help with recording your numbers or look in your Home Learning folder for a reminder on how to form the numbers. Maybe you could record each animal with just a mark on the paper and then add them up at the end. How many birds can you see outside? How many ladybirds on the plants? 

Then how about trying to draw one of the animals. Ask your grown up to show you how to draw it first then you can copy. (This is similar to how we help the children in class to learn a new skill, keep it very short and simple). 


Household task for the week. Can you help with some cleaning at home? Pick a room or a small space and watch your grown up show you what to do. Can you copy? Have a go at keeping it clean and tidy all week? In class I know you all love to wash up and clean our table for snack so I'm sure you will all love to help out at home to. It would be great to see some photos of you all getting stuck in with either your learning or your 'helping at home learning'.


Don't forget to keep using your Home Learning Folders - you should be getting on really well with these now. Please keep practicing your sounds and when I call on Friday I will find out how you are all getting on with this.

Please don't forget - this is a very unusual situation and you are not expected to be able to 'teach' your child in the same way we do in school. For lots of children 'school is school' and 'home is home', its ok relax and enjoy the weather anything else is a bonus. Keep reading to your children, keep talking to them and encouraging them to talk to you. This will pass and we will all be back together soon. 

Ms Harris.  

School Nurse Information - Click here for full details of the School nurse services.


Kingfisher 2


Good afternoon Kingfishers, I hope you are all OK and are managing to keep yourselves cool in this heat. Remember to sit in the shade, have lots to drink, wear a sunhat and sun cream. Keep yourselves safe. I also hope you are managing to have a bot of fun splashing in a paddling pool or having a water fight! I would love one of those!


This week we are going to begin learning about our senses, there are 5 senses, can you name any?

There are a range of activities below linked with the senses, why not have a go at a few of them.

An extra fun sense activity is a taste game, see if you can find some food that you have never tried before or didn't like, have another taste now, see what you think, can you describe what it tastes like? Smell games are also great, ask your mum or dad to have a sniff of some of the spices in their spice rack, or smell some of the fruits in the fridge, or even some of the flowers when you go out for your walk.

Have fun!

Drawing senses

Senses crossword

Senses field walk

Senses game

Senses scavenger hunt

Senses writing activity



Good afternoon Kingfishers, I hope that you are all doing OK in this continually unusual time and I hope that you are able to spend some time with family to do enjoyable things alongside the learning going on.


This weeks learning:


We are going to continue Stickman especially thinking about the feelings of the characters in the story.

Throughout the story there are a lot of different things going on and Stickman's feelings change a lot. Can you use the sheets below to explain some of his feelings including why he may have felt that way? Can you think of times when you have felt similar?

Stickman sheets

You could also use the below story plan to plan out your own story.

Story plan

Boxing up


We will have a focus on time this week. Try out the sheets below to see if you can identify and write the correct time in either numbers or words. Can you then try the time challenges?

Time 1

Time 2

Time 3

Time challenges


As a bit of fun learning have a go at some of these scavenger hunts, you can find things either inside or outside. Enjoy.

Senses scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt


As always please carry on with your reading, if you need suggestions of books to read please ask and I shall guide as well as I can.

Continue with your high frequency words both reading and spelling them.


I would love to hear from you, whether that is pictures or videos of your activities or photographs of your learning.

Keep well and keep safe.

Mrs Pollard



Good afternoon lovely Kingfishers, I hope that you are all managing to keep yourselves busy and entertained doing some new activities at home. I hope you are also having fun with your families.


This weeks learning:

We are going to start the story Stickman this week, written by Julia Donaldson. Here is a link to help you watch it.

Here are a range of learning ideas linked with this book.


As always I would love to see some of the learning you are completing so please feel free to send some to me.


Maths this week is all about problem solving. Have a go at some of the activities below to see how you get on.

Year 1 summer activities

Year 2 summer activities


I also thought as the weather is meant to be changing it would be good fun to have a go at some scavenger hunts, these could be completed either inside or outside, have fun!

Senses scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt


Bring me sunshine is still at the top of our page so feel free to have a go and send me your versions.


Keep well and I hope to see you soon

Mrs Pollard



Hello wonderful Kingfisher, I hope you are all well and are managing to get out into the sunshine before the rain came today!


This weeks learning:

Continue to learn your high frequency words from below, both reading and writing them.

Keep reading with someone at home and share what you liked about what you read. If you were the character from the book would you have done the same thing? Share your thoughts and feelings with a family member. 

Attached below are a range of activity sheets the children can have a go at, some English and some Maths. Have a go at what you feel able to and as always I would love to see some of the things you have been doing so please feel free to send me an email or share your learning on the Instagram page.


Correct punctuation

Name 5 things


Who, What, Where



Mini beast counting

Missing numbers

Shape hunt


For some extra fun, the link is still above to have a go at Mrs Pollards new song Bring me sunshine.

Also, see if you can surprise an adult at home, can you put something away without being asked? Can you make your bed in the morning? Can you make yourself a drink and a snack?


I hope you have a good week, and as always if you feel you need further support please don't hesitate to contact me.

Mrs Pollard



Hello wonderful Kingfishers. I hope that you are all well and managing to enjoy some time in the sunshine this week. I am missing all of you, it is strange being in school and having it so quiet. I long to hear the joyful chatter and laughter that Manor Fields brings to learning. It is heartening to speak with your families each week and hear the adventures you have got up to. I hope to see you all soon so that you can share with me some of the things you have been doing when not at school.



This week we are going to continue our learning linked with the Gruffalo. I hope you have all managed to read through or listen to the book with an adult. It is such a fun story.  The link below will take you to the BBC animated version.

This week it would be great to see if the children can plan their own stories based on the Gruffalo. You could use either template below to support them in this:

Gruffalo Story Map - Use the pictures to retell the story with your children. Can they add in the words linked with each picture? Can they be specific with the rhyming words used? 

Blank Story Map - This can be used to plan out their own story. They can use the different boxes to either write or draw what would happen next. Use the picture story map as a support. In school we would complete an example together first to support ideas and then work alongside the children to create their own.

Gruffalo boxing up sheet - Alternatively your child could use the attached boxing up sheet. In school we would use the basic ideas from the Gruffalo to then develop ideas of our own and write them in the blank box.

As always it would be great to see your learning, if you would like to send me your planned story please feel free to email it to me:

Further Gruffalo activities:

As a creative Gruffalo activity the children could make the finger puppets below and retell the story.

Gruffalo finger puppets

The booklet below has some other learning ideas including adjectives, books reviews, maths sheets etc. Please feel free to access a selection of these 

The Gruffalo Booklet



This coming term in school we would be returning to multiplication and division, fractions and shape, space and measure.

Please use the links below to have a look at some activities that your child could access. I have included year 1 and 2 ideas, please use the resources suitable for your child.

Year 1 multiplication and division

Year 2 multiplication and division


If you feel you need further explanations to support your child's maths learning appropriately please feel free to contact me and I can advise the best way to go forward with different activities. Also if you are unsure what resources are suitable for activities please don't hesitate to contact me and I can give suggestions.

The learning linked above will take the children a number of weeks to complete in school so please don't feel they need to be completed by half term.


Topic - last term we were learning about the United Kingdom, the children should be able to share some key facts based on what they know. If you wanted to complete a topic project with your child, they could research about where they live.

 - What are the different houses like? Take photographs and compare

 - What green space is near them? What is it used for?

 - What rivers run through Salisbury? Where do they go?

 - How do they get to different places? Can they draw a map of how they could get to the shop or school?

Science - We were finding out about plants and animals. Your child could choose their favourite animal and make a fact book all about them. This could include where they live, the country they originally come from, what they look like, how they move, what they eat etc.

Again I would love to see any learning you do so please feel free to send it to me.


Home learning 20.05.20

Reading - keep going with your reading, try to read to an adult at least twice or three times a week. Below are some comprehension questions for adults to use as a support. These can help your child think of different meanings of stories, character emotions and support them to make predictions.

Comprehension questions:

Spelling - keep choosing a selection of words to practice spelling over the week. I would suggest to choose 6 different words a week and keep coming back to them to ensure you are remembering them.

There are lots of different ways to support spelling:

Rainbow writing - How many different colours can you write the word in?

Look, cover, write check - have a look at a word, cover it over, write it down and then check if you are right.

Hide and seek - hide the words around the house, give your child one word to find at a time, they need to find it and then write it down to prove they have found it.

Apps - there are also handwriting and spelling apps that could help as well.

100 High frequency words

200 High frequency words


Other ideas

If you wanted to be a bit more creative with your time you could have a go at some of these ideas:

Daily creative ideas week 1

Daily creative ideas week 2

Daily creative ideas week 3

Daily creative ideas week 4

Daily creative ideas week 5


David Walliams is still sharing a book a day for free. If you visit his website you can access these:


If you search for augmented reality there are a number of different apps that can bring learning straight into your home.


Places like Longleat, Marwell Zoo and Edinburgh Zoo are sharing videos of their animals and live streaming some events. These are great to watch.


Last of all I hope that you are all keeping safe, enjoy having time with your families and see what new skills you can learn.



Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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Team Manor Foelds(less than a month ago)

What an exciting week it will be for Eddy, who is turning 11. Eddy, we all wish you a wonderfully happy birthday, full of fun.

Team Manor Fields(less than a month ago)

This is going to be an exciting week for one rather fantastic Kingfsher because she reaches double figures! Happy 10th birthday Ellie! We wish you the most wonderful day

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One very special Kingfisher is celebrating a birthday this week and it’s Maeve! We are all wishing you a very happy 6th birthday Maeve and hope you have a fabulous time.