Manor Fields Primary School

Parents & Carers


"It takes a village to raise a child"


Working in partnership with families is a privilege that we enjoy at Manor Fields. We believe that children do best when our entire community works together so that the children can grow in a safe, healthy and supportive environment.


 It is widely recognised that if pupils are to maximise their potential from schooling they need the full support of their families.  Together, through shared and open communication, collaboration and determination, we are better able and equipped to meet the needs of the children who attend Manor Fields.


Much research and large sets of data have safely established that family involvement can have a significant positive effect on children’s behaviour and achievement. There are a number of ways in which families can support their child within in our community and though not exhaustive, these include:


  • Supporting Home Learning


  • Encouraging your child to take a full part in school life


  • Supporting the school’s policies


  • Attending consultations where children’s progress, attainment and well-being is discussed


  • Providing the school with constructive feedback


  • Volunteering (in any capacity from listening to readers to transporting children to sports’ fixtures)


  • Fundraising


  • Sharing your expertise


  • Becoming a school governor