Home Learning

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all happy and well, I miss you all and I am so sorry that we are not together at school. Let’s hope that we can be together again soon.
Here are some activities; have a look and you will find lots of interesting ways to spend time.

BBC bitesize – a whole range ofsubjects and interactive activities.

Brainpop – is an animated educational site which looks interesting.

Tynker – coding, making games and programming.

Creative bug – arts and crafts website.

There is also a Twinkl file attached which contains a whole range of activities. There’s even a section for SATs revision – remember preparing for those?

As you probably know there will be no testing this year. You are as well prepared as possible and know more than you ever have done; it would be fantastic if you could keep your brain ticking over with any of the above. I am proud of you and couldn’t be happier with the progress you have made.

You could keep a diary – this will be a fascinating time to look back on when you are older.
Don’t forget Mathletics and PiXL times tables.

So, I know there will be mixed feelings about Home Learning but I think it is very important that you keep leaning. How many things can you learn in a morning, an afternoon, in a day?
Have fun and I hope to see you soon,
Mr. McMorrin


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Scotty McMorrin(less than a day ago)

I'm fine thank you Holly, it's lovely to hear from you. I hope you are ok; I know you have been keeping busy - I liked your baking and astronomy. Today I have finished some school work, been on my bike - on the rollers - and now I'm about to do some jobs in the garden. I am looking forward to us all being back together. Keep in touch.

Holly(less than a day ago)

Hi Mr McMorrin how are you?

Scotty McMorrin(about a day ago)

Tasty breakfast Aimee! For me it's school work, bike, school work and then watching a new cycling documentary. And you?

Aimee(about a day ago)

Morning mr McMorrin I am currently eating me breakfast Nutella on rosy and a yogurt what about u

Scotty McMorrin(about a day ago)

Morning Aimee, that's a clean patio! Finding jobs to do is a good way to help us move through this as quickly as possible. What are you up to today?

Team Manor Fields(a couple of days ago)

Every week, we’ll be saying a special ‘hello’ to any of the magnificent Kestrels who have a birthday coming up in the next few days. Happy Birthday Connie! We all wish you a wonderful day. From your friends at Manor Fields.

Aimee(a couple of days ago)

That’s nice we have been doing gardening and it took us more than 2 hours to jet wash the patio

Scotty McMorrin(a couple of days ago)

Definitely Elisa, I'd look forward to reading that. You could think about where and how they survive. You could focus on the within and outside the UK. Have fun!

Elisa(a couple of days ago)

Hi mr mc-Morrin please can I do an information text about wild horses

Scotty McMorrin(a couple of days ago)

It's good to hear from you Hana and I'm happy you like the songs. I'll send out the words and links for them tomorrow. Are you reading?

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