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Kestrels Term 1 2019

The Kestrels have had a brilliant start to the year and a busy, productive half term filled with amazing learning.

We started the term looking at Macbeth, reading and watching parts of the play. From this, we wrote a recount of the play, dialogue between the characters and completed a piece of writing where we decided whether or not Macbeth should kill King Duncan. We also painted book covers for Macbeth, some of which are on display in our classroom.  On Fridays, with Mrs Morgan-Smith, we have been focusing on our spelling, punctuation and grammar skills and putting them into our writing.

We have covered many subjects in Maths, from addition and subtraction to long division and multiplication and fractions. We have also focused on improving our fluency with times tables up to the 12 times table and improving reasoning and problem solving skills.

In Geography, we focused on trade and the importing and exporting of produce whilst in Science, we have been learning about light. The children have also produced some amazing art work imitating the work of David Hockey using water colours and oil pastels to recreate some of Hockney’s iconic pieces.  On Wednesdays, we have been playing ball games with Elliott whilst on Fridays, we have been improving our netball skills with Mrs Morgan-Smith.

To top off this eventful term of learning, we elected our House Captains and School Councillors, wore yellow for Mental Health Day and sang beautifully at our Harvest sing-along to our parody of ‘Uptown Funk.’ During the term, many of the boys and the girls took part in football matches at Pembroke Park, and we finished the term with our Manor Fields Day of Languages where the children travelled to either Lithuania, Ghana, Slovakia, Romania, Poland or Bangladesh to learn about the culture and sample a taste of the local foods.