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We recognise that technology is a tool for the future and the school is very well equipped with a networked computer system and a broad range of electronic devices. Each class has at least one computer linked to the network.

We make full use of data projectors, visualisers and interactive whiteboards as we believe that technology is a useful cross-curricular resource and tool.

At Manor Fields we teach computing through a scheme called  iCompute.  Icompute is a inspirational, creative, schemes of work that provide full statutory coverage of the National Curriculum for Computing at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  

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Online Safety

We understand that we play a crucial role in enabling children to stay safe online and our lessons reflect this priority, as does our 360⁰ accreditation.

We teach Online safety during Icompute lesson, PSHE lesson, internet safety week and weekly class discussions. 

Online Safety Parent workshop for parents and carers

Please find the resources from the Online Safety Workshop (10.11.22) attached below.

Please visit our Safer Internet page for more information - Safer Internet page 

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