Story Time

Today, Mrs Mineur shares ‘Funny bones’. Can you join in? Enjoy! 

Today, Mrs Harris shares ‘Ooops’.

Today, Mrs Monday shares a book called ‘Troll stinks’, a book all about internet safety! We hope that you’re remembering to stay safe online while you’re at home.

Here is the next part of ‘Charlotte’s web’. We hope you’re enjoying it! 

Today, Miss Trevis shares ‘The Detective Dog’. How many of you can remember when Miss Trevis dressed up as the detective dog at the school pyjama party?

Mrs Hope shares another story from ‘Wow 366’ called ‘A house for a mouse’. 

Mr McMorrin is here with the latest instalment of ‘Charlotte’s Web’.

Happy Monday! Today, Mrs Pollard is sharing a lovely book called ‘What a wonderful world’. Enjoy! 

Here is the next part of ‘Charlotte’s web’. 

Here is session 16 of ‘Charlotte’s web’. 

Mr McMorrin shares session 15 of ‘Charlotte’s web’. 

Session 14 of ‘Charlotte’s web’. 

Here, Mr McMorrin shares session 13 of ‘Charlotte’s web’. 

Mrs Leeman is sharing a story called ‘Invisible string’.  

Today, Mrs Pearce shares an Australian story called ‘Wombat stew’. This story comes in two parts so please make sure you watch both videos (top one first). 

The last session of ‘The Iron Man’. 

Session 12 of ‘Charlotte’s web’. 

Here is Miss Musselwhite sharing ‘The Kiss That Missed’.

Today, Mrs Hope shares a short story from the book ‘Wow 366’, a book full of stories that are 366 words long! 

Here is session 10 of the stories! Hope you’re having wonderful weekends! 

and session 9! 

Mr McMorrin is continuing with session 8 of ‘Charlotte’s web’ ......

and session 9! Enjoy! 

Continuing with ‘The Iron Man’, session 8...

Today, Mrs Pollard shares ‘Five minutes peace’ (something I’m sure your grown ups would like right now)!

Good morning everyone! We’ve just noticed that due to the file size, Mr McMorrin’s videos are cutting off early at six and a half minutes. We’re so sorry that we’ve only just spotted this! We have some options- Would you like him to carry on with the stories (hoping that you haven’t missed too much), start again or start again but with a different story? Please comment on how you’d like this to continue.

Today, Mrs Hardingham shares a book called ‘The huge bag of worries’ for you to enjoy! 

Here is session 7 of Mr McMorrin’s stories! Enjoy! 

Miss Trevis is sharing a story called ‘The squirrels who squabbled!’ 

Today, Mr McMorrin brings us session 6 of ‘The Iron Man’ and ‘Charlotte’s Web’. 
It’s lovely to hear that so many of you are enjoying these stories! 

Here is Miss Hitchings’ story ‘Augustus and his smile.’

Mr McMorrin sharing the next part of the stories......

Here’s part 4! We hope you’re enjoying these stories! 

Part 3 of Mr McMorrin’s stories ‘Charlotte’s web’ and ‘The Iron Man’.., 

Here is the next part of Mr McMorrin’s stories.....

Mrs Pollard shares ‘Master Track’s Train’ with us today! 

Today, Mr McMorrin is sharing the first chapter of ‘Charlotte’s web‘ and ‘The Iron man’ for you. The next part of the stories coming soon ....

Mrs Harris is sharing ‘The Rhyming Rabbit’ for you to enjoy! 

Our first story is brought to us by the lovely Mrs Pearce! She’s sharing a story about cows that go to school. Enjoy! 

These are the wonderful stories and great illustrations that have been made into a special book to help explain some of the new ways in which we must live our lives by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.


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Scotty McMorrin(less than a year ago)

Definitely Thomas, I am sorry that there is such a lot left of each video. Shall I start from the beginning again?

Thomas Boyle(less than a year ago)

Hello again Mr McMorrin please please will you carry on with The Iron Man and I am going to listen to Charlotte's web when The Iron Man is finished. love from Thomas

Henry & Edward(less than a year ago)

Could he start again please as they're such great stories. If he doesn't mind that would be great.

Luca, Sonny, Gabriella and Vinnie(less than a year ago)

We are still enjoying Iron Man, we will watch Charlotte's web when iron man is finished.

sidney(less than a year ago)

hello again I hope every one is well

sidney(less than a year ago)

hi again Mr mocmorrin I just whached chapter 4 of charlot's web

Scotty McMorrin(less than a year ago)

Thank you Henry and Edward, there will be another instalment today.

Edward & Henry Russell(less than a year ago)

We're loving all these stories. Henry's favourite is Charlotte's web & Edward's is Ironman. Thank you :-)

Scotty McMorrin(less than a year ago)

Thank you Sidney, I love it too. It's such a great story and gets even better...

sidney(less than a year ago)

Hi mr McMorrin I love Charlots Web so much

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