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This year's democratically-elected school councillors are :


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Herons - 

Woodpeckers -

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We would, as a school Council, like to thank everyone who has supported our aim to raise £200 for the Dogs Trust.

 On the two mornings we ran the gift stall, we raised a massive £81 towards our goal.

 We hope to run two more stalls before the end of November. This time they will be £1 and 50p gifts, so even more bargains and stocking fillers.

 We would like to say thank you to Mrs Ewen-Benns for running these last two stalls.


 We were so delighted with the money raised at our gift stalls, that we have decided to run two more on Thursday and Friday 10th and 11th November. Please come and support the School Council and their charity. We have raised nearly half of our target with your help.

Thank you.